Brass Adaptors

Nickel Plated Brass Adaptor are used to Join Steel Flexible Conduit FMC-PG and PFMC-PG
Terminate and Seal steel flexible conduit to either oil tight, Liquid tight Or Rain tight box and enclosure

Product Features:

  • No Hazardous Sharp Edges Or Burrs
  • Smooth Inside For Easier Wire Pulling
  • Will Not Damage Conductors
  • General Purpose Application, Ip 54 Rating
  • Corrosion, Abrasion, Oil And Water Resistant

Material : Mild steel
Maximum temperature : 343° C (650°F )
Finish : Electro-Galvanized

Product Table

Item Code Size in mm
SFBA-16 16
SFBA-20 20
SFBA-25 25
SFBA-32 32
SFBA-40 40
SFBA-50 50

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