Brass Adaptor With Screw Male/Female

Brass Round Adaptor are Used to join flexible Conduit to an Enclosure
Brass Connectors and adaptors male and female Metric and PG for flexible electrical conduits and accessories.
Brass male and female conduit bushes for termination of rigid conduit bushes

Product Table

Item Code Size in mm
SFBA-16 3/8”
SFBA-20 1/2″
SFBA-25 3/4”
SFBA-32 1”
SFBA-40 1-1/4”
SFBA-45 1-1/2”
SFBA-55 2”
SFBA-65 2-1/2”
SFBA-85 3”
SFBA-95 3-1/2”
SFBA-100 4”

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