Liquid-tight flexible metal conduit (LFMC) is a versatile electrical conduit designed to protect wiring and cables in environments where moisture, water, oil, and other liquids are present or may pose a hazard. Constructed from a durable metal core, typically made of galvanized steel or aluminum, LFMC is encased in a flexible PVC jacket that provides resistance to liquids and various environmental factors. This conduit offers flexibility, allowing for easy installation even in tight or irregular spaces while maintaining its protective properties. Commonly used in industrial settings, outdoor installations, and areas prone to exposure to liquids, LFMC ensures the safety and integrity of electrical systems by shielding wiring and cables from moisture and contaminants, thus reducing the risk of damage, corrosion, and electrical hazards. Its versatility and reliability make liquid-tight flexible metal conduit an essential component in electrical installations where protection against liquids is paramount.


  • Delivers wiring protection where listed products are not required.
  • For exposed or concealed installation requiring movement, crossover connection, or tight bends.
  • Outdoor use due to the inherent UV resistance of PVC.
  • Seals out abrasives, alcohol, coolants, corrosive fumes and gases
  • Tooling and lubrication equipment where UL listing is not required.
  • Used in industrial and commercial application for machine tools, conveyors, blowers, cranes, air
  • Used as best mechanical safeguard for insulated wires & electrical cables that are functional in typical temperature.


  • Galvanized Strong Steel strip has been helically wound to form an interlocking flexible conduit and a heavy duty PVC is then extruded onto the conduit to create a smooth surface, onto a water tight seal can be formed to resist oil and grease.


  • Complete protection against most liquids and moisture vapors.
  • Extra Flexible
  • High mechanical power/strength.
  • Highly resistant to most oil and chemical degradation.
  • Smooth interior for easy wire pull-thru.
  • Stabilized polyvinyl chloride compound jacket.
  • Superior protection for circuits located in hostile environments.
  • IP Rating: IP-64, IP-65


  • Min. -20° C Max. +105° C.


  • Standard Grey.
  • Other Colors on request.

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