Galvanized Steel Flexible Conduits are a type of versatile electrical conduit designed to provide protection for wiring and cables, especially in environments where there is a presence of moisture, water, oil, or other liquids that may pose a hazard. These conduits are made from a durable galvanized steel core, which is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. They offer flexibility, making them suitable for installation in tight or irregular spaces. Commonly used in industrial settings, outdoor installations, and areas susceptible to liquid exposure, galvanized steel flexible conduits ensure the safety and integrity of electrical systems by shielding wiring and cables from potential damage. Their robust construction and adaptability make them an essential component in electrical installations requiring reliable protection against environmental factors.


  • Areas related to sparks and heat (Welding, Foundries etc.)
  • For oven/furnace applications.
  • Office blocks and under floor wiring.
  • Under floor applications for floor boxes/computers.
  • Utilized for connecting machines to control instrumentation, Metro Stations, CCTV Cameras, and Elevators etc.
  • Utilized as the best mechanical shield for insulated wires and electrical cables that are functional in typical atmospheric climate.


  • Galvanized steel strip which has been spiral wound into a flexible conduit.


  • Highly Flexible.
  • High Mechanical Power/Strength
  • Implicit Low Fire Risk Item.
  • IP Rating: IP-40, IP-55.


  • Min. -40° C to Max. +300° C.


  • Self Colours


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